Conferences, conventions, interviews and seminars in we have participated,
or will participate, to address the subject of parenthood.

Oli – Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute

13-14 november 2023


The power of care in organizations

What legacies of the past are stopping us from moving forward and what new practices do we need to learn in order to thrive and implement a systemic #change that promotes a new culture of care in work contexts?

These questions will be discussed during the workshop “The Power of Care in Organizations,” which will be held on November 13 and 14 together with OLI – Adriano Olivetti Leadership Institute, the first Italian center entirely dedicated to the cultivation of adaptive leadership practices.

Two days of learning at Danone’s Learning Center to support organizations to rethink the concept of care and inclusion within work contexts in order to transform it from taboo to opportunity.

Festival Città Impresa

10 november 2023


Città Impresa – Festival of industrial territories

The Festival, now in its XXIII edition, will have a focus on politics, economics and society topics and will describe the industrial territories in a three-day event of comparisons, meetings and events. The event will be divided into 70 meetings involving 300 speakers. Sonia Malaspina will participate in the panel ” Does business willing to change organization to have women on board?” and will bring the message of “Il Congedo Originale”

Elle Active!

4 november 2023


Catholic University will host Elle Active! the “symbolic” event of Elle’s commitment to the female achievement in the professional sphere.

Born in France in 2011, today it is a successful project in many countries around the world and, in Italy, has reached its eighth edition. The goal is to create a network of female and male professionals, experts, mentors, coaches, artists and institutional representatives who make themselves available to support female audience to a more fulfilling professional life. Sonia Malaspina will bring the message of “The Original Leave” in the panel on Nov. 4 at 3 p.m.

Il Congedo Originale for ManagerItalia

25 october 2023


Promoting the economic growth and social progress of the country

Despite some progress being made, maternity still remains a taboo for many organizations. What lacks is first of all a culture of care. We will talk about this with Manageritalia, the national federation of senior managers, middle managers and executive professionals in commerce, transportation, tourism, services, and the advanced tertiary sector, which represents more than 41,000 managers and high professionals in the tertiary sector in Italy.

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

24 October 2023


“Il Congedo Originale” comes to “4 Weeks 4 Inclusion”: the inclusiveness marathon

How much value can parenthood bring to business?

Sonia Malaspina and Marialaura Agosta will talk about this issue during the inclusivity marathon: 4 weeks 4 inclusion because whenever we talk about inclusivity, the topic of care is key. Despite the great progress that has been made over the years, motherhood is still a taboo for many companies. When people talk about it, the discussion is almost exclusively about: what the legislation says, how many days they are eligible, the re-entry time, possible benefits but of course what is missing is first of all a culture of care, one of the most noble and human and enriching activities for people. During the event, thanks to ” Il Congedo Originale” Sonia and Marialaura will make people think about how the skills developed by those who become parents, can be key to leadership.”

What does it take to establish women’s leadership?

23 october 2023


A crucial question of social, economic, political and cultural interest.

A question that, never before, can change the fate of the new generations:

“What does it take to affirm female leadership? ” This is how Esac SPA’s project and seminar, which will be held in Vicenza and will be discussed by Marialaura Agosta and influential women and men who cultivate leadership in their daily lives, who express it in different contexts, and who promote its exercise beyond gender.

“Corporate reputation” with Facciamo31

20 october 2023


Increasing the value of the company

During the seminar “Corporate Reputation” we will discuss with Top Managers and internationally known Scientists how it is possible to increase the value of the company and attract and retain customers, stakeholders, and employees.

Sonia Malaspina will bring her own experience and the message of “Il Congedo Originale”.

Rewriters Fest

13 october 2023


Gender equality and women’s entrepreneurship as drivers of development

Rewriters are a community that focuses on everything because everything matters. Rewriters are the re-editors of contemporary imagery through a form of secular vocational activism.

So, during the ReWriters Fest event in Rome on Oct. 13-14-15, Sonia Malaspina will be present to bring the message of Il Congedo Originale.

Bosch Auditorium

5 October 2023


Bosch Auditorium welcomes Il Congedo Originale

On Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023 at 6 p.m. at the Bosch Auditorium in Milan, Sonia Malaspina will present ” Il Congedo Originale,” co-written with Marialaura Agosta, and will tell how starting from her direct experience in a large company like Danone she has built the way for a cultural paradigm shift. She will then share a series of clear and determined actions that all companies, large and small, can implement.

Alumni Cattolica

29 June 2023


Caring and the common good: specific and innovative measures to encourage a sustainable and equitable future

The event took place in the Negri da Oleggio Room at Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, via Largo Gemelli 1, at 6.00 p.m.

Both authors of “Il Congedo Originale” have been present at the event,
which will be moderated by Andrea Patanè, President of the Alumni Cattolica – Ludovico Necchi Association.

Herbert Smith Freehills

20 June 2023


Maternity and the culture of caring in tomorrow’s organisations: the revolution of “Il Congedo Originale”

Presentation of “Il Congedo Originale: Transforming organisations through the power of caring” at the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa.

After the welcome address by the Avv. Elena Buffa di Perrero (lawyer), President of the Tennis Club Milano Alberto Bonacossa, and by Avv. Laura Orlando (lawyer), Italy Managing Partner at Herbert Smith Freehills, Sonia Malaspina, HR Director at Danone Italy and Greece presented “Il Congedo Originale”. This was followed by valuable testimonials from Dr. Filippo Manucci, Global Senior Vice President Skincare, Hair & Personal Care at Intercos, and from Dr. Amelia Parente, Rare Conditions, Government Affairs & Transformation Director at Roche.

HR Talk Bocconi Alumni

19 June 2023


HR Talk: face-to-face with Sonia Malaspina on “Welfare, engagement & productivity in the workplace: three ingredients for a successful business recipe”

In this HR Talk, Sonia Malaspina shared some insights and best practices with the Bocconi Alumni, gained from her professional experience in Danone. Citing “Il Congedo Originale”, Sonia talked about the ingredients for a successful business recipe, with the emphasis on welfare, engagement and productivity.


16 June 2023


The value of parenthood in business: how to create a real culture of caring

How can parenthood and caregiving become agents for engagement, wellbeing and productivity in organisations? Sonia Malaspina and Marialaura Agosta talked about this at the event organised by Jointly
“The value of parenthood in business: how to create a real culture of caring”


07 June 2023


Il Congedo Originale

At the “Il Congedo Originale” convention organised by the GIDP, Italy’s Human Resources Directors Association, the books authors Sonia Malaspina, Director of Human Resources at Danone Italy and Greece and Marialaura Agosta, HR, Communication & Inclusive Diversity Manager at Danone Italy and Greece and authoritative experts on EDI talked about “Il Congedo Originale” and how it is possible to create a culture of caring and of parenthood within businesses.

Parità Virtuosa Regione Lombardia

23 May 2023


Il Congedo Originale at the “Parità virtuosa: buone pratiche di conciliazione famiglia – lavoro. 5 anni di valorizzazione in Lombardia” (“Virtuous equality: good practice for work-life balance: five years of development in Lombardy”) event

Sonia and Marialaura presented Il Congedo Originale at the event organised by the Region of Lombardy, the theme of which is “Virtuous equality: good practice for work-life balance: five years of development in Lombardy”.

Book Fair

20 May 2023


Presentation of “Il Congedo Originale” at the Turin Book Fair

Every year, the entire supply chain of the book world gathers in Turin: publishers, writers and authors, booksellers, agents, illustrators, translators and of course, thousands and thousands of readers. For editors, whether they are large groups or small independents, the Turin Book Fair is the most important opportunity to present and sell new titles. So, Sonia and Marialaura had a fantastic opportunity to discuss and present Il Congedo Originale to thousands of guests!

“I Baffi” Bookshop

18 May 2023


Presentation of “Il Congedo Originale” at the “i Baffi” bookshop in Milan

Sonia and Marialaura were at “i Baffi” in Milan to present “Il Congedo Originale” to their fellow citizens.

Nobilita Festival

15–16 May 2023


Nobilita: the festival for workplace culture

This is more than just talking about #FUTUREOFWORK, which seems to be more about an attitude that wants to create shortcuts and defer choices and responsibilities. in this edition we talked about #PRESENTOFWORK and we asked ourselves the questions that really count. Personal, private and direct questions – not just to entrepreneurs, managers colleagues and professionals, but also to the whole working world.

Stati Generali della Natalità (Italy’s General Assembly for the birth rate)

11–12 May 2023


Il Congedo Originale agli Stati Generali della Natalità

Il Congedo Originale was also present at the third edition of the General States of the Birth, an event that aims to analyse, reflect on and find solutions to the population decline we have been seeing in Italy since 2015. This event was an important opportunity to:

  • Reflect on an issue that can unite the entire country (system);
  • Try to make practical proposals for reversing this demographic trend;
  • Create a new narrative about the birth rate.

Sonia and Marialaura presented Il Congedo Originale as a response to all those companies who are frightened by maternity or who do not encourage it.

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